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SOUL Synergy Meditation Series

21 Days of SOUL Synergy Meditation

Let’s launch the life you were born to live! Generational work is a powerful process that is all about YOU! You get to break free from what has held you back in the past so that you can step into Divine joy. You will create a legacy life led by Divine purpose!

First things first though … The feelings of overwhelm, stuck, and past trauma must release. Now, we must honor YOU. Remind your energy of the power of stillness. Reconnect with the Breath of Life. And, claim your space day by day. Through mediation, we can gain great inspiration, answers and understanding. To me, mediation is almost a prayer. It is a time to allow my Spirit to lead. It’s a time to connect with God.

Generational trauma has been proved by science, often referred to as epigenetics. My approach to healing the past is a spiritual one. This program will be a great fit for you, if you are open to working with God to help heal these lines. I believe Jesus Christ to be the Master Healer. Some meditations will suggest asking for help from God, Christ and/or our angels. Sometimes a family history can be truly dark., I believe the character of  these meditations to be a safe and enlightening way of opening the door to freedom. 

If you are new to meditating….NO WORRIES! I will gently guide you into the practice. We will begin slowly to open up your mind and heart to the idea of generational healing. Throughout the program, you’ll receive guided meditations you’ll be able to use often as you instill your love for meditation into your daily power up . My intention is that it will be an enlightening experience and become a talent you enjoy for the rest of your life!

21 days of SOULSynergy is a collection of guided meditations, where I will help you begin the healing process and align with your original archetype. I want to get you comfortable with meditation. I hope for you to experience a Divine connection, as well as gain skill sets to cleanse and strengthen your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. We will wander into your imagination to uncover positive characteristics and release toxic beliefs. Clarity will come! Inspiration will flow! YOU will learn to live by inspired action. Then, that is when your Divine purpose and passion can write the legacy story for the generations to come!

*We will be using powerful aroma therapy using essential oils. Get oils here.