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Releasing family traumas, patterns and unwanted stories is empowering and freeing! Much of it can be a simple and an almost immediate shift. Sometimes it's more of a process. 


Aromatherapy is a powerful tool to access unwanted emotions, process them and release them.  This isn't just because oils smell nice. It's science.Sight, Hearing, touch and taste all only trigger one area of the brain.  The sense of smell is the only sense that goes through two areas of the brain; the amygdala and the hippocampus. Both process emotions and memory. Specific aromas (oils) invite specific emotions. I have created a simple Generational Healing Oil bundle with oils that invite an exchange of emotions that is extremely useful in this type of work. 


As we will be inhaling these oils, it is imperative that  we are not adding to the body's toxic load. I trust doTERRA because it is the only brand that is medicinal or pharmaceutical grade. This is due to where and how the oils are sourced and the certification process they must pass to have this rating.  PLEASE do not use oils that do not have this grade. The aromatherapy will be ineffective and since ingredients aren't required to be listed on labels, it may be unsafe. 


If you have your own doTERRA oils, GREAT! Use them!  If not, I have your bundle right here! 

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The oil of Ancestry


Petitgrain aids in healing complicated family history by inviting individuals to seek to learn from the mistakes of their ancestors. We sometimes feel that we are repeating or bound to an unwanted family story or pattern. Petitgrain helps our unconscious mind to reveal these patterns and invites healthy awareness and balance. It is also useful in clarifying positive generational strengths that otherwise, would be difficult to identify. Petitgrain reminds us that we can find peace, wisdom, clarity and empathy for our own life journey through accepting your ancestry. 

Negative Emotional Properties: Disowning ancestry, repeating negative family patterns, duty-bound, loyalty to unhealthy traditions, dishonoring progenitors.

Positive Emotional Properties: Poineering, chain-breaking, cultivation healthy traditions, embracing positive family connections. Essential Emotions 8th Addition.


Douglas Fir

The Oil of Generational Wisdom


Douglas Fir invites breaking free of old generational issues and assists in letting go of harmful patterns. Inspires understanding that each generation is a gift for new life, new growth and new beginnings. Douglas fir also encourages healthy family dynamics with meaningful relationships which are valued. It encourages respect and teaches that valuable wisdom can be obtained by learning from the past.


Negative Emotional Properties: Negative generational patterns, burdened by family issues.

Positive Emotional Properties: Generational healing, respect for elders, wisdom, learning from the past.


The Oil of Forgiving


Forgive is a blend that was formulated to assist the desire to forgive. Forgiving others sets one free. This oil is especially helpful when feelings are cynical or beginning to expect the worst from people or situations. It helps to work through the justification of blaming, inviting a willingness to accept and move forward. Forgive challenges us to let go of hostilities and bitterness to be able to embrace the opportunity to learn from others or what their actions have presented to us. It invites compassion and forgiveness. 


Negative Emotional Properties: Unforgiving, critical, judgmental, resentful, cynical, bitter, blaming, angry.

Positive Emotional Properties:  Forgiving, light, free, loving, understanding, tolerant, empathetic.


The Oil of Motivation


This oil blend brings confidence to follow through with inspirations and intentions, lifting you out of stagnate energy and brings strength to face adversities and challenges. It encourages working through feelings of weariness, hopelessness or gloom. This blend launches individuals into positive action and confidently reassures the courage and energy needed to move forward.


Negative Emotional Properties: Weary, discouraged, stagnant, gloomy, lacking motivation, unable to press on.

Positive Emotional Properties: Motivated, encouraged, hopeful, energized, confident.



The Oil of Protection


Stronger imparts true emotional and physical strength. It invigorates physical strength when depleted or weakened and offers emotional fortification and rejuvenation.  Stronger shields from intense emotions of others—conscious or unconscious. It encourages learning from those who are examples of positive strength and helps maintain good boundaries. Stronger reminds to love yourself and love others and lets one live from their center of truth, where they are their strongest. 


Negative Emotional Properties: Weakened, exposed,
susceptible, weak boundaries.

Positive Emotional Properties: Strengthened, protected. 

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