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Generational Healing

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"....through the grace of God some find the strength to metabolize the poison within themselves, refusing to pass it on to future generations. Before them were generations of destructive pain; after them the line flows clear and pure. Their children and children's children will call them blessed."

- Carlfred Broderick, Professor of Sociology, University of So. California

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My Journey to Generational Healing

My path to learning generational healing was an unexpected one. But, one I am forever grateful to have discovered. The empowerment of generational healing brings unlimited possibilities to every individual, no matter their circumstance. It brings hope to a generation that struggles with anxiety, depression, addictions and confusion. Here is what God taught me and science-backed up.


I was in charge of a retreat for young women ages 12-18. I wanted this retreat to be a powerful experience for them; an epic 5 days of "ah-ha" moments perfectly synchronized with iconic FUN! 


I created a survey for my 40 girls to complete. It had questions like....."What do you think is the hardest challenge for girls your age today?" "What do you think is the hardest thing for young men right now?" "Have you ever been hurt on social media?" "What is something that makes you happy?" And so on. 


When I got the surveys back, I was actually super bugged! Every. Single. Survey. Had the word "depressed" or "depression" on it. I thought, "These girls are so drama....they aren't 'depressed''s called SAD! Why take everything to the extreme." I mean, when I was a kid, there was certainly clinical depression or postpartum depression, but depression was not a go-to word for teenagers.....


So, when I need direction I take it to God. And, that's what I did. I humbled myself and asked God, "Father, are these girls really 'depressed'". I began to study, and I learned......the answer was.....They are depressed by inheritance. 


In short, 4 generations ago, physical labor, clean eating, no prescription drugs and toxin-free living was the reality. Because of this, their bodies were able to produce correct chemicals for mental health. The next 3 generations have been a compilation of sedentary lifestyle, little true nutrition, toxic overload and side effects from all sorts of things. The past several decades have also experienced major world events causing widespread depression and stress. Then I learned about epigenetics...and the answer was clear...My girls coming to the retreat DID have struggles with depression. 


I was obsessed! Although it did feel unfair that these girls had literally inherited these struggles, it was so empowering to understand that they could heal generational trauma and end unwanted patterns, such as depression. 


My new learnings brought clarity to my own unwanted patterns and thinking errors.  I began the personal quest to clear my generational line and focused on the legacy I wanted to instil in my state of being and for my posterity. The process was spiritual and fulfilling and, quite honestly, FUN! This healing gave me a clear vision of my own personal Divine mission! I was now the author of my own story! Goals were manifesting quickly! I entered creation mode!

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is how your environment and behaviors can create changes in the way that your genes function. Epegenetic changes are reversible and can change the way your body response to DNA. 

Environment is everything! It goes like this…

A situation or “signal” arises that alerts a past trauma, emotion or thought process. The recipe of how to RESPOND to that signal is already there. You react according to that recipe. 

Soooooo….change the recipe! It’s really that easy! Well….maybe it’s not “easy”. But, it’s not “hard”. It’s empowering! I’ts liberating! It’s JOYFUL! 

There are 7 Universal Principals that you’ll implement to heal in this way. Each Principal will lead to new understandings and experiences. The end goal is to have peace. To be able to see clearly. To easily manifest YOUR desires. To uplevel your state of being! To be SOUL synced. To create the powerful legacy you were born to instill!


 Why Now?

In world history, emotional, mental and physical trauma have left their mark for ions of time. However, due to nutritional depletion, toxic load and technology,  the generations on the earth today were born into more overall generational trauma than EVER before.


But, with that…you were also born with generational strengths and a specific purpose that gives you the literal power to clear, end unwanted generational patterning and create a beautiful legacy impacting your family line forever! 


You are ready to identify and metabolize the old story and embrace your bright new future. You'll discover new intuition, new spiritual gifts, new perspective and new skill sets to literally relaunch your life! 

I am a Generational Healing Synergy Coach. In short “SOUL Coach”. You see, the body and spirit together equal the “soul of man”. That’s our goal. To sync up your heart, mind, body and spirit. You’ll be SOUL Synced! You’ll be living your SOUL purpose! 

Welcome to clarity, fulfillment and JOY!  


Start your generational healing journey now! 


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THIS is the game changer! My  Generational Healing Course gives you a crystal clear pathway to your new story. It teaches a 7 step process designed to empower every aspect of your life through healing your generational line once and for all.


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We can ease you in with my 21 Days Generational Healing SOUL Synergy Meditation Series. Here you will meditate daily, practicing opening your heart, mind and body to this concept.

Meditation is a key component to creating
generational and epigenetic heath.
Practicing and mastering this skillset is extremely beneficial. Meditation is a powerful foundation to the 7 Principles for Generational Healing.


This is an interactive process for healing your past, enriching your present and instilling strength,accomplishment and joy in your future.


Please note: this is a God centered program. If you are willing to include God, Jesus and angels in your journey, you'll love it! If not, it's not for you.

Ohhhhh but I hope it is! 


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