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You would love this tribe! Our goal is to offer support, community and education to each individual. Whether you want to be a part of our team for friendship and learning how to support yourself and family naturally or partner with me in the business, you will be a member of my doTERRA family. 

I take care of my people!

In my Oil Community you’ll have access to brilliant classes teaching how to support emotional, mental, physical and metabolic health.  You’ll learn about understanding toxic overload, skincare and life vitality, and a ton more! You’ll also qualify for wholesale pricing on all doTERRA products.

It’s Super Easy! Click on "Get Bundle" below for my personal discount access to doTERRA products.

This bundle includes the oils from the Generational Healing Course, but you can absolutely customize it for your personal needs. If you’d like help, then let’s chat! Schedule a call with me! 


Joining my doTERRA Team gives you personal access to myself and other fantastic coaches to assist you in your wellness journey. We’d love to have you in our tribe in whatever way you are comfortable! 


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I love partnering with influential people who are serious about making a difference and want to play big in this world! If you are passionate about helping others move forward, love being mission driven and want to own your own business….I’d love to work with you! 


Residual income is AMAZING! I went from no retirement and month to month living to a paycheck that grows monthly whether I work or not…that has no ceiling!It would bring me so much joy to teach you how to do the same. 


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