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doTERRA Team 


Are you ready to take your team to a higher level of success? Do you desire your team to work together as one? I designed a team synergy call to help unify the members of your team.


I will help  understand the importance and necessity of working together as one. Teach them how to create positive change. and unite them in purpose. I will work with them on both an individual and group level. Profound transformation will take place! Stubborn walls will fall, and the goals that once seemed impossible to achieve will be within your reach! My goal is to create Team synergy by addressing your teams energy blocks, clearing negative mindsets and raising the team vibration and energy. 


Makay’s synergy work is based on the certitude that all light and positive energy comes from a Higher Power; God. Although not religiously based, references to light, the soul and God are likely. 


Let's link arms with those that are ready to show up and the energy in your team in sync!



$2600/ 6 weeks

Top features

  • Your team joins a one hour group call with me once a week for 6 weeks.

  •  Weekly calls will be directed towards your teams needs. The cost can be split between participants if desired but must be paid in one sum.

  • *Introductory Special for $1500 (while spots last)