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Do you have dreams and need some direction?


Do you want personalized support to help you to clear generational blocks and recognize and realize generational strengths?


Are you tired of spinning in circles, repeating old patterns and "going at it" alone?


Do you want to use your gifts to become a successful Coach yourself?


Maybe it's time to get serious about your growth and hire a coach. Personal coaching is where you get expert help to:


  • Get clear on your highest priorities and desires

  • Clear blocks and create a reset to uplevel every aspect of your life

  • Choose the right goals for your life, health, home, family, and business

  • Identify and release distractions, old stories and generational patterns that throw you off course

  • Create the strategy to build the physical and emotional stamina to rock your life and your business

  • Align with your SOUL mission 

  • Learn powerful tools that will support you in becoming a powerful manifestor 

  • Gain the confidence to better lead, influence and inspire

$2500/ 8weeks

Personal Coaching

  • Be supported and coached personally by SOUL Coach, Makay Tautu
  • Feel lighter, clearer and focused 
  • Calls customised relevant to your personal needs  
  • Create positive change 
  • Shift energetic and epigenetic blocks 
  • Generational Healing Course included
  • Soul Synergy Meditation Series included
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