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Hi, I'm Makay!

Generational Healing SOUL Coach


I’m a generational healer.

And, so are YOU! 

 I want for you to realize how powerful you are! I am determined to be a leader in awakening the world to break free from the bonds of the past, for each individual to live in personal divine purpose and for YOU to create legacies of strength for your future generations! 




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Generational Healing 

What is generational healing all about?
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YOU  living at this time is not by chance.  

YOU are a generational healer. You can END generational trauma! You can release, forgive and be set free from tendencies that you wish to reset! You are not alone!
I will help you!

You are ready to identify and metabolize the old story and embrace your bright new future. You'll discover new intuition, new spiritual gifts, new perspective and new skill sets to literally relaunch your life! 

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"....through the grace of God some find the strength to metabolize the poison within themselves, refusing to pass it on to future generations. Before them were generations of destructive pain; after them the line flows clear and pure. Their children and children's children will call them blessed."

- Carlfred Broderick, Professor of Sociology, University of So. California

21 Days of
Soul Synergy Meditation

Let’s launch the life you were born to live! Generational work is a powerful process that is all about YOU! You get to break free from what has held you back in the past so that you can step into Divine joy. You will create a legacy life led by Divine purpose!
First things first though Gorgeous… The feelings of overwhelm, stuck, and past trauma must be released. Now, we must honor YOU. Remind your energy of the power of stillness. Reconnect with the Breath of Life. And, claim your space day by day.
21 days of SOUL Synergy is a collection of guided meditations, where I will help you begin the healing process
and align with your original archetype.
Clarity will come! Inspiration will flow! YOU will learn to live by inspired action. That is when your Divine purpose and passion will write your legacy story for the generations to come!
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Do you have dreams and need some direction?
Do you want personalized support to help you to clear generational blocks and recognize and realize generational strengths?
Are you tired of spinning in circles, repeating old patterns and "going at it" alone?
Do you want to use your gifts to become a successful Coach yourself?  What if you and I could create massive growth and manifest your desires in just a short time together?
Maybe it's time to get serious about your growth and hire a coach. Personal coaching is where you get expert help to power through whatever is holding you back from your highest potential. With me, we get crystal clear on what you want. We power through blocks, end unwanted generational patterns and work on a vibration of manifesting your brilliance.
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Nice to meet you!

I am a passionate mom-preneur, energetic optimist, and life & business coach. I am dedicated to helping you nourish, awaken, enlighten and empower your beautiful SOUL and live RICH!


I invite you to step into YOUR brilliance!
This is going to be so FUN!



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